Scale RC Trail Crawls Gets You Outdoors & Solving Problems

Traversing a creek bed

Walking is good for you regardless of your age. Trail walking is even better as it works more of the body’s muscles just a little (sometimes a lot) harder thanks to the uneven terrain. For those who like to get even more adventurous, take a hike not just along the creek or river, but IN it. Now add snow and ice and to top it all off…add controlling an RC car at the same time. Now we’re talking!

This is one of the things that make having an RC vehicle so much fun and challenging. In general RC Crawling is an exercise in problem solving. How do I get my RC over an obstacle or through a series of obstacles. Picking the right path through the terrain. It’s good for the brain because it really is a three dimensional puzzle that needs to be solved. Now…how do you get yourself through also? It’s probably a very different route. Your RC may be able to go under a fallen log, but you have to find some way to climb over it without dropping, or damaging your remote transmitter and without injuring yourself. With that in mind, it’s best to not go alone unless it’s a very easy trail with lots of other foot traffic.

Which RC to get is really up to you, your budget and preferences regarding body style. Redcat, Axial and Traxxas are some manufactures that make suitable 10th scale RC’s with a wide range of body styles with Ford, Chevy, Land Rover and Jeep all represented.

Another part of the fun is customizing and personalizing your RC to make it truly yours and unique somehow. Add some stickers, decals, lights, roof racks, etc.

It’s important to keep up on the maintenance. It is after all a scale sized motor vehicle. Parts will wear out and need to be replaced. Some parts will break due to over driving the vehicle or crashing it too hard. Although they can take a beating far more than a 1:1 vehicle could against a similar 1:1 boulder. Just like full sized vehicles, you can take it to a mechanic (your local hobby shop has onsite technicians) or you can do it yourself, which you should really learn to do to save costs.

Regular maintenance is essential

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