Arrma Typhon 6S v4

The company slogan is Arrma Tough and this buggy fits that perfectly. It one fast, tough machine that is perfect for bashing. Jump it, flip it, bash and crash it…this 8th scale electric buggy can take some serious abuse.

Did I mention it’s fast? It’s damn fast! As the name suggests, it can handle 6S LiPo’s and if you install the included “speed gear’, the this Typhon is advertised to hit +70mph (about 113km/hr). If you changed the tires to slicks and used a light weight battery, those numbers can be easily achieved on a long smooth stretch of roadway.

It’s a Ready to Run (RTR) so all you need is a charged battery and you’re good to go. It comes with the Spektrum 2.4GHz STX radio and SRX200 receiver, which is fine for bashing but if you want race it, you will need to upgrade that. It had much better response and precision when upgraded to a Spektrum DSMR system.

For racing you will also want to upgrade the tires. The ones that come with it is really just suitable for bashing. Keep in mind though that this wasn’t designed for racing although with those two upgrades it would make a good buggy for a beginner.


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