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The world of Remote Control has evolved by leaps and bounds over the decades and no longer do you need to be a super nerd to be able to enjoy it. Be it helicopters, boats, drones, airplanes, or cars (both onroad and offroad), there really is something for everyone and it’s never been easier to get into it.

TLR 8ightXE Elite

As far as racing goes, RC competition is by far the most affordable form of motorsports and it’s also the safest. It’s also suitable for a very wide age range. As a former racing car driver, I’ve always loved the hunt and still do. As more of a car person, this website will focus more on those and not planes, boats or helicopters.

So if you wanted to get into the RC hobby world, where does one start? First start off by thinking about what type of car you think you might want and start off small and simple. You can start with a road car or an off-road one from 1/5th scale (which is neither small or simple) and go all the way down to 1/24 scale which are suitable for children. The most popular are the 1/10th scale electric vehicles. They can be quite affordable, quiet, and are available in on-road and off-road with multiple body styles.

If you’re just starting off, you should consider getting a car that is already pre-built which is known as a Ready To Run (RTR). All you need is a suitable battery and charger and you’re off having fun. There are pros and cons to RTR’s though so if you have the tools, space and are mechanically inclined, you may consider a kit that you have to build yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend a kit as your first RC vehicle.

Track side repairs

If you’re not sure where to start, look up some RC hobby shops in your area and go talk to the staff. Be sure to stop into at least a couple shops though because some stores lean towards specific types of RC’s. For example, if a shop focuses more on helicopters and airplanes, they may not carry many cars or know where to take them if you want to get into racing.

Watch some videos online and check out some groups on social media to get and idea about the different vehicles that you are interested in. Read a lot though and watch lots of videos. There are always lots of opinions online so take them with a large grain of salt. I found that you get a better feel and understanding about the RC’s that you’re interested in by watching online video reviews.

Whether it’s racing, bashing, flying, or crawling…the RC world has something for everyone.


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